Weldgin's personnel has certifications focussed on non destructive testing in order to be able to ensure conformity of weldments, base materials, cast irons… and no presence of either surface or volumetric defects.

Typical detected imperfections that could be found are cracks, porosity, size and irregular aspects, lakes of penetration and fusion, undercuts, laminations, material inclusions…


And to make it easy to the companies, Weldgin can perform the following tests at their facilities:


Visual Testing (VT)

Dye penetrant (PT)

Magnetic Testing (MT)

Ultrasonic testing (UT)

Ferrite Content in Austenitic and Duplex Steel


In this section we have major certifications.





Surveillance and expediting

During the manufacturing process and also when this process has ended, industrial products need to be inspected to guarantee the correct product fabrication and the compliance of requests established between the customer and the manufacturer.

Besides welding inspections, Weldgin qualified staff is able to carry out inspections to all type of products on behalf of the customer or as third body, at the workshop, customer factory or even in expedition phases.


Some samples of inspections performed:


Valves. Dimensional control, mill certificates review, non destructive tests review, antiestatic and pressure tests, functional and painting checking, marking and labelling checking, packaging overview..

Steam surface condenser. Welding and painting checking, hydrostatics test of water boxes inlet/outlet sides, vacuum test at all boxes, mill certificates and non destructive tests review.

Ammonia dosing equipment. Visual control, dimensional control, material certificates review, hydrostatic and performance test, vibration test.

Flow instruments. Visual inspection, dimensional control, material certificates review, hydrostatic and pneumatic tests, performance and routine test, vibration tests, non destructive test certificates review, painting and tagging checking, packing and marking checking.

Ammonia cooling tower, side stream filter. Dimensional control and Pressure tests.

Expedition inspections. Quantity controls on material before expedition.